Live-Edge Slabs

Dimensional Boards

Local Los Angeles Slabs

Pasadena - Acacia

Every slab at ACL was sourced from somewhere in Los Angeles.  This Acacia was in Pasadena.

Local Dimensional Boards

Spalted Sycamore

ACL always has some rough milled boards sourced from Los Angeles trees.  The two boards in this picture are Spalted Sycamore which has been milled and sanded – two services we can provide if needed.

Local Short Slabs

Short + Surfaced

At ACL we always keep a batch of shorter, flattened live edge slabs for people to look through.  These pieces often make excellent shelves and coffee tables.  The only thing left is to do some sanding, apply finish and add legs – all of which we can help with.

Rough Milled Dimensional Boards

Hover Box Element

Much of our stock is rough milled – which allows the

Live Edge Slabs

Live Edge Slabs

Angel City Lumber has roughly 300 milled and dried slabs for sale.  We have a diverse cross-section of species and sizes.  Please feel free to email us with what you might be looking for.