Angel City Lumber intercepts Los Angeles’ downed trees to keep them from entering the waste stream.  Though we do not fell trees, we work with a number of excellent arborists and experienced tree services and will happily refer you to somebody in your area.  From there we will try our best to salvage your tree (at no cost) and give it a second life.

Get in touch

We accept a large range of species so please drop us a line if you have a tree coming down or know of any.

If you have a tree you’d like to enquire about, please contact us.  Include as much of the following information as possible:

  • What species do you believe the tree to be?
  • What is the diameter of the tree at four feet off the ground.
  • Have you contacted a professional about removing the tree or would you like a recommendation?
  • Will a crane be used in the removal?
  • Pictures – Please send us three or more pictures of the tree AND the surrounding area.  These pictures should be wide shots – capturing as much of the height of the tree as possible.  We also need pictures of how a truck can access the area and get as close to the tree as possible.

If you have a tree you’d like to discuss donating, please Contact Us to discuss.  Please click on the picture below for some visuals explaining the reclamation process.

Crane Reclamation

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Downed Trees

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In some instances, if you have a downed tree, we can come cut it to length and remove the biggest sections.