Angel City Lumber specializes in providing custom milled material for large scale custom projects.  All material is sourced from fallen Los Angeles trees.  Planters, benches, bar tops, …..

Hauser Wirth Gallery

Mar Vista Cedar Benches

Squared Live Edge Benches

The organic modern nature of these benches make them a perfect fit for the aesthetics of the Hauser Wirth courtyard.

Hollywood Cedar Planter Boxes

Mitred Planter Boxes

Many of the Cedar logs that form the center piece planters in the Hauser Wirth  courtyard came from a residence in Hollywood.  The owner was excited to know…

Griffith Park Redwood Planters

6x4 Beams

Manuela restaurant, committed to sustainable practices, was eager to have their planters adhere to that philosophy.  We sourced discarded Redwood logs from LA Rec & Park’s wood graveyard in Griffith Park.  This means Manuela’s planters are made from an aggregation of fallen trees from throughout LA’s park system, which we think is pretty cool!

Ontario Cedar Planter Walls

Mitred Planter Walls

Creating exacting mitre joints in 6″ material isn’t as easy as it looks.  ACL fabricated a full layout of the project at our Boyle Heights shop to ensure everything fit together perfectly on installation day.  We’re quite happy with the results!

Private Residences

Burbank Cedar Slab

Simple, Elegant Bench

Two intrepid home owners in Silverlake came down to ACL to pick out the perfect board for their DIY bench project.  They had us remove the live edge and sand it to 220 grit.

Mar Vista and Hollywood Cedar

Hover Box Element

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Bank of California Stadium


Sycamore Trees at LA Sports Arena

Sycamore Trees at LA Sports Arena


Before Los Angeles had the Banc of California stadium we had the LA Sports Arena.  Slated for demolition in 2016, ACL was able to work with National Demolition and salvage 12 trees which would otherwise have been chipped.

Sports Arena Eucalyptus

On the Mill

Studio MLA, contracted for significant elements of the new stadium’s landscape architecture, was excited to use trees from the site as part of their plans.  At ACL we began work on their design, milling the large Eucalyptus, Oak and Sycamore logs on our mill.

Logs Returning Home

Large Oak Bench Install

ACL finished milling and sanding two large benches and a series of smaller benches.  They were then transported on our truck the short distance from our Boyle Heights shop back to where they once grew at what is now, Banc of California Stadium.

Re-Used Trees

Oak Bench

These wood benches once stood as trees just a hundred meters from where they now sit.  The large benches and smaller stools were beautifully incorporated into Studio MLA’s design.  We love the juxtaposition of the warm wood with the cooler stone elements.